Princess Mononoke Picture Book

Princess Mononoke Picture Book

Otaku Code: 96086S
Barcode: 9781421592671
Category: English Book
Pages: 232
Condition: New
Release Date: 05 December, 2017
Status: Available to order
(allow up to 6 weeks for delivery)
Price : £21.99
The Princess Mononoke Picture Book allows you to enjoy the films of Studio Ghibli with scene-by-scene illustrations and character dialogue.

Studio Ghibli picture books capture the magic of the legendary studio's animated films with easy-to-read text, full-color pictures direct from the film, and a family-friendly oversized hardcover format.

From behind the walls of an iron-mining town called Tatara, Lady Eboshi is determined to be rid of all obstacles to development. Much to her aggravation, however, there's one person who has vowed to stop her - the princess of beasts and ancient gods, Princess Mononoke!! Includes scene-by-scene illustrations and character dialogue from the film in a oversized picture book.

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